Top Surfing Dangers That You Should Be Aware Of

Surfing Myrtle BeachSurfing is indeed a thrilling water sport that is not only great for your health and stamina but is also a fun activity to engage in when vacationing near the beach. Despite this, however, you should still practice utmost care and awareness when hitting the waves. Not everything is all about having fun and learning new surf skills. You should know that there are risks and dangers that come with riding the waves with your surfboards.

Here are some of the top dangers that you should be aware of whenever visiting the beach and hitting the waves. It is important that you learn about these so you stay safe and avoid being surprised by these dangers while out there on the beach. Keep in mind that your vacation should be a fun and exciting experience, keep it that way by observing these beach dangers:

1. Sharks and other sea creatures. Sharks are just one of the dangerous sea creatures that you have to beware of whenever you are on the beach. These include sea snakes, urchins, stingrays, seals and jellyfish. Each one can hurt you and leave you with a life threatening injury. What’s worse is that you can’t easily notice them since you are on top of your surfboard. The best way to avoid them is to make sure you are using an area of the beach where these creatures do not usually lurk. Seek recommendations from beach patrols and other surfers.

2. Powerful waves. Of course, you will need waves in order to surf. They are one of the primary ingredients in a successful surfing experience. On the other hand, some waves can be dangerous to you, especially those more powerful ones. They can wipe you out and leave you with a severe injury. They can even result in broken bones. This is why, you will need to learn the skill of identifying which waves are safe and which are risky and dangerous.

3. Your surfboard. Many individuals do not realize how dangerous surfboards can be. Its pointed end and fin can cause a wide range of injuries, especially to someone who is not as knowledgeable and experienced in using them. This is why it is highly recommended that you undergo basic lessons before you try to bring a surfboard into the waves. It’s not just about learning the necessary skills that will allow you to have a great and fulfilling experience. It’s also about keeping safe and the proper use of your surfboard. Downwind Surf & Paddleboard Company provides surf lessons and equipment rentals to ensure your safety as you have a great time at the beach.

4. The bottom of the sea. Falling off from your surfboard is not uncommon especially if you are just starting to surf. Although falling is not really that risky, especially if you know how to swim, what makes it dangerous is when the waves continuous to pound you down to the bottom of the sea. You will probably be left with several bruises and cuts when you arise from the bottom.

But if you were unfortunately pounded to a coral reef, you will have more cuts and injuries and pieces of the coral reef can attach to your skin and injuries. Aside from being difficult to remove, these tiny coral reef pieces can cause an infection which can last for months. The only way to prevent this is to get better at surfing and ensure that you do not fall of your board.

5. Riptides. These are probably the most dangerous thing out there on the beach, primarily because it will not only leave you severely injured and wounded, it can also lead you to your death as these currents can drain your energy in minutes, leaving you incapable to escape the current and swim to safety. What makes it even more dangerous is that they are often present at surf spots. So you need to be aware of these riptides at all times while you are on the beach so you can quickly avoid it and run to safety.

Ensure your safety whenever hitting the waves. Seek professional guidance from Downwind Surf & Paddleboard Company to effectively avoid these surfing dangers. Call them today to inquire about their services.

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