Surfing Lessons 101: Proper Fitness Training

Surfing Lessons Myrtle BeachOne of the many surfing lessons that you need to master is proper fitness training. It is important that you learn how to properly take care and prepare your body before you hit the waves as this will help you surf more easily and enjoy the sport. In addition to maximizing your skills and capabilities, proper fitness training will also ensure your safety while you are out there on the waves.

For many surfers, this is one of the many great things that comes with hitting the waves. Aside from having fun and a form of relaxation, it also prompts you to take care of your body, eating the right and healthy food and committing to regular exercise. The good news is that you do not have to do a whole complete fitness training regime. There are only a few exercises that you need to focus on to help you become a better surfer.

1. Core training – This type of training focuses on the transverse abdominal muscles, abdominal obliques and your rectus abdominis muscles. These core muscles help in efficient body movements, improve performance and balance, and prevent injuries – all of which help to improve your surfing skills and capabilities.

To strengthen your core muscles, you can start with simple exercises at first. Once you get the hang of it, gradually proceed with more advanced exercises. You can opt to train with a professional as part of your surfing lessons or train on your own. Note, however, that you may need to invest in some exercise equipment such as medicine balls and swiss balls.

2. Upper body strength training – Surfing requires a lot of work. From paddling to the waves, getting up on your feet and swimming to shore – your body needs a lot of strength to be able to do all these. Upper body strength training will help increase your strength that you will need to paddle for more than 10 minutes as you get near your surfing spot. Your arms and shoulders need to be properly trained to reach its full strength. This will help improve your paddling skills, which will keep you afloat on the beach as you wait for the right wave.

3. Lower body strength training – Similarly with your upper body, your lower body also need to be properly trained to improve its strength and help you surf safely and efficiently. If your upper body strength is what you need to paddle to the wave and get up on your feet, your lower body strength helps you stay on top of your surfboard and ride through a long wave without falling or injuring yourself. Plus, as you become more proficient in surfing, you will need your lower body strength to make amazing maneuvers and turns.

For your lower body strength training, you can start with squats and lunges. You can also use balance boards and bosu boards. For more effective results, consider combining your lower body strength training with balance training programs.

4. Plyometrics training – This type of training focuses on improving your speed and muscle movement and contractions, which are basically what you need to perform simple and difficult surf moves. Some of the exercises you can do for your plyometrics training include multi-directional drills, jumping and bouncing.

5. Swimming – This is one of the most common forms of exercises many surfers do. The primary reason for this is not only because swimming is necessary to ensure your safety when surfing; but it is also considered as the simplest and easiest form of exercise that targets all of the main muscle groups.

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