Surfing Basics: Proper Clothing And Attire

Surfing Myrtle BeachBefore you hit the waves and go surfing, one of the primary things you need to prepare aside from the essential equipment and gear is the proper clothing and attire. You need to wear the right type of clothes not only for your comfort and safety while riding the waves but also to protect you from rashes and the cold water.

If you do not know what types of clothes to wear as you hit the beach and surf, here are some helpful suggestions.

• Board shorts – This is the most popular type of clothing most men wear when they surf. In fact, experts refer to board shorts as the standard clothing for surfing. They are highly comfortable and effectively protect you from rashes.

Board shorts that are available on the market today now have quick drying technology and very light weight to offer further comfort to surfer and you can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs of board shorts to fit your taste and preferences.

• Stretchable t-shirts – These are more commonly known as rash guards and can be paired with your board shorts or swimming trunks or bikini. Rash guards are specifically designed to protect the wearer from getting rashes from the wax on their surf boards. If your skin is highly sensitive and easily gets rashes, it would help if you invest in a pair of rash guards. Although you can also wear an ordinary t-shirt to protect your skin from getting rashes, the use of rash guards is better and more effective since it is made from synthetic material and not from cotton, which is not as effective in preventing rashes.

• Neoprene vest – If you feel like surfing on a windy or cold day, you should wear a neoprene vest. This protects you from the cold wind and effectively keeps you warm as you ride your surfboard and hit the waves. The great thing about neoprene vests is that you can wear them under your shirts or wet suits for added warmth on an extremely cold day. Moreover, they are carefully designed so as not to limit the surfer’s movements. Surfers who wear neoprene vests can still effectively move their shoulders and arms as they ride the waves.

• Wet suit – These are body suits worn by surfers during spring or fall. This is perfect to protect your body from the cold water but still offers comfort for the warm weather. There are different variations of wet suits: a suit with short legs and arms, suit with long arms, suit with sleeveless arm and short legs, suit with short arms and long legs, and suit with sleeveless arms and long legs. Choose one that suits your needs and style and of course, provides you with utmost comfort. It is important to make sure that the wet suit you choose will not limit your movements as you surf but is still able to provide you with protection from the cold water.

• Full body suit – These are often worn during winter. You can wear your neoprene vest underneath your full body suit to provide you with added warmth as you surf. Full body suits have long legs and arms to offer utmost protection to the surfer. They vary in thickness of the neoprene placed in the chest and arms and legs. Another great variation of a full body suit is one that comes with a hood. Aside from keeping your body warm, the hood is also made with neoprene to protect your head from the cold wind.

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