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Surfing Myrtle BeachWe all have fears of almost anything in existence. The best way to overcome this emotion is to face it head on. Fear can stop you from doing the things you enjoy and it can even take away parts of your life. If you are like me, you are not afraid of surfing but if you have a case of aqua phobia then this might be a problem. Getting over your fears might not be all that difficult to do. There must first be a need to overcome ones fear for the process to begin. Once you have overcome your fear of water, you will have a more fun filled life and experiences.

If you have a fear of surfing but you want to give the sport a try the first thing you have to do is to learn about surfing. This is a sport that provides a whole body work out and it is not that hard to learn. With the right guidance and regular practice you can become a semi-pro in no time!

First, you have to have the right gear for surfing, this is imperative. Surfing is a sport that is equipment intensive. For a beginner like yourself, the right gear will definitely make your learning experience much more comfortable. The wrong gear will make it difficult for you and will probably make you not want to continue learning. They say practice makes perfect and you will have to practice your paddling. The key to paddling is to ensure total body balance over the board.

The next step in learning how to surf is learning the standing pose. This is the stance in which you ride the wave and control the board. This might seem to be the most challenging part of surfing and it is. It might take someone about five days or more in whitewater to learn. This is not a very easy process to learn but it should also be no reason to deter because of it. The turtle roll is a technique all surfers should know. This technique is used to stop from being pushed ashore. You simple hold the edges of the board and turn your body so that you are below the surf board, and you will act as an anchor for yourself.

The single most important surfing tip is to choose the right waves. You have to be sure of where you catch the wave, you don’t want to catch it when it is not steep, enough to push the board or too slow that the top breaks. Too soon over the wave and you will have a short ride and too late will wipe you out.

Learning how to surf is going to need professional help. You should seek the skills of a professional to teach you how to surf. If you are afraid to surf the best way to get over that fear is to face it — so go surfing and face your fears head on.

At Downwind Surf & Paddleboard we have experience instructors to help you learn the sport of surfing and to assist you with getting over your fears. Call us today to schedule our private surfing lesion.

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