A Beginner’s Expectations From Surfing Lessons

Surfing Lessons Myrtle BeachIf you want to learn how to surf, there are lots of shops in Myrtle Beach that offer surfing lessons. One of these is the Downwind Surf & Paddleboard Company in Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach. According to many professionals, the best part about learning how to surf is the first surf lesson.

Some say that surfing can be dangerous because of the large and scary waves, the risks of being wiped out by the waves, or the dangers presented by the ocean wildlife. But this is actually the primary reason why you need to attend surf lessons before hitting the waves. In all your lessons, you will learn not only necessary surf skills but you will also study how to keep safe while surfing. Professionals will teach and guide you on how to handle big waves so you will not get wiped out and injured. You will also learn about the basics of ocean wildlife so you know what to do and which to avoid.

Here are some other things that you should expect from attending surfing lessons.

• It is easier than what most people expect. Contrary to what many people think, your first surfing session is actually easy. What makes it easy is the special surf board that the trainers will let you use. These surf boards are especially designed to float every time. Thus, it will help you keep above water at all times and easily get back on board should you fall off. Experts have guaranteed that these surfboards helped to effectively boost the confidence of first time surfers. In fact, first time surfers are able to cruise safely back to shore after their first actual surfing session.

• It will take time. Despite being able to cruise along the beach on top of your surfboard, learning and becoming proficient in placing your feet, paddling and surfing all take time and lots of practice. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it the first time. With continuous practice, you will learn the necessary precision and accuracy needed to effectively and safely surf. As you continue with your lessons and practices, you will see that you are getting better and more precise in surfing.

• You will have a sore body the next day. Among the many first things that you need to realize about surfing is that it requires a lot of your muscles to work. So, for a first time surfer, you should expect your entire body to become sore after the first couple of surfing lessons that you attend. But don’t worry, because the pain will soon subside as continue with each lesson.

• You should wear your rash guard. Most first time surfers will want to spend a lot of time testing out their newly learned surfing skills. This is why experts highly recommend wearing a rash guard to serve as protection from getting rashes from the surf board wax. Note that you need to wax your surf board as this helps you maintain proper footing on the board. It also helps you keep your balance. The wax that is used in surf boards often cause stinging and irritating rashes to surfers, especially to those with highly sensitive skin. The good news is that the longer you practice surfing the more resistant you become to the effects of the surf board wax.

Looking for a professional surfing trainer? Call Downwind Surf & Paddleboard Company now. They offer high quality surfing lessons to all ages.

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